Day 3 and 4

Day 3 of the Inquiry was a Friday, which meant that the kids had swimming, so we did not have time for inquiry that day. We used the afternoon to prepare our end-of-unit presentation from the previous unit, as the week before we could not do it.

Day 4 was the big Monday after the weekend. We started off the day with a morning message, asking students to write down business ideas. I was shocked to see how their understanding of business ideas seems to have shifted over the weekend. Instead of products and possible enterprises, they thought of  other business elements, such as business people. But that was the weekend gone, and some things to go more in depth about.

We started the day with persuasive writing in Language though. This is the pre-step for our advertising campaigns during the unit. This was followed by our stand-alone Math investigation into Multiplication and Division.

On Monday afternoons we have “Italian” Inquiry, where the Italian teacher and the class teacher, i.e. me, work together. We explored words to do with our inquiry in groups (mother tongue and IAL). It was interesting to see how long that actually took. Then the Italians challenged the IAL speakers to translate some words. It was good and the children enjoyed it. Then we came up with first ideas for possible questions during our market research about marketing in the center of Pisa.




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