Day 2

The second day of our inquiry has been going well. This morning, before the morning circle, the morning message asked the students to complete a mind map that summed up the results of yesterday. It was quite a lot, considering how much we did yesterday.

In the first session, I presented the summative assessment to the students: They will present their own business, including their business plan, reflections on their marketing, their success and their roles in the business. The students were really thrilled by this big project.

To start us off, the students went into groups and completed a mind-map or list of what a business requires. Then we came together and accumulated our findings in one big mind map.

Following this, the students had to choose the nine things that are most important for a business and diamond rank them after. Lots of deep discussion and consideration happened at this stage. We completed the inquiry session by a quick reflection on their experience so far.


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