Today I saw/learnt/thought/felt…

I love to collect feedback from my students at the end of the day, a lesson or a unit. This is usually an informal way for me to see what their most important part of the day was, etc. I am sure a lot of educators do this.

Today I came across this wonderful website: Today I saw! Jill sees something, draws it and then sends it to a person she liked. That is a wonderful idea, but I have automatically transferred it to the classroom, I think it would be a wonderful idea to have pre-printed paper with TODAY I SAW. Or TODAY I LEARNT/FELT…. and invite children to write, draw, ….

What a wonderful website, and wonderful drawings!


One thought on “Today I saw/learnt/thought/felt…

  1. Thanks so much for writing about my little project. I work with children too. I go into primary schools and do art sessions as part of my job and this would be a great way to get feedback-something different to just chatting to them. Thanks for the idea!

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