The unexpected!

I was just reading the lovely blog, Leaves&Branches, Trunks&Roots and came across this great video!

As I am currently reading The Morning Meeting Book I am trying to think how reshaping Morning Circle time will effect the classroom. The questions posed in Pamela’s blog are valid: How can we make sure that morning circle time is not boring?

In my previous school, we used to have a fixed Morning Circle schedule:

Monday: Talk about the weekend
Tuesday: Games
Wednesday: Book presentation
Thursday: Praise day
Friday: Reflection and Planning

This worked with my current class as well. It was new to them. They loved book presentations, because all nine children in my class love books. They loved games, and were in charge of choosing their own games.

But towards the end of the second term it was becoming obvious that some children did not want to talk about their weekend, while others were so eager to tell us, well, about their football match, just like the previous week. How do we make those morning circle times always interesting? What can we add? Where is the unexpected?

I have to say, thanks Pamela! I am really inspired this morning! (I may have to go dance off to straighten my hair now!)


One thought on “The unexpected!

  1. One of my teachers is working with children with weather now, instead of calendars – they are taking digital photos of the weather, one for each day, and they are beginning photograph summer weather in a very interesting way. Another teacher is celebrating birthdays, so they have birthday count downs, then bake a cake the day before – and celebrating moms, dad, siblings, neighbours. . . .so the teachers are finding innovative ways to still have routine, but doing it in a more interesting way. And, surprisingly (or not surprisingly??) the kids who would be getting antsy and wiggling away – they aren’t leaving nearly as much.

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