Feedback on my action inquiry

This feedback is not directly related to my AI, but more related to the reports that went out and to what the parents saw during the student-led conferences.

All the parents in the class were informed about the research I was and still am undertaking. They were surprised at how confidently the children evaluated their work and how good they were at identifying new targets and improvements. I have to say, so was I.

Once a year, usually after Easter, my school has the student-led conferences. The children talk about the work they did during the school year, and try to identify new learning goals together with their parents. Portfolios support the children’s reflection, and generally this is all about celebrating the learning that occured.

This year, my class did exceptionally well in this. I am not sure how much it is related to the self-assessment skills we have been developing but it was evident that children were very reflective, open and honest, not afraid to say where they could have done better and they were able to say WHY they thought the work was good.

In the next year, assessment will continue to be a focus. While using marking ladders, think!pair!share! and other similar formative assessment strategies worked incredibly well in Language, I found them harder to apply in Mathematics. So, for the upcoming school year, Maths and all other subjects will remain a focus, and the AI will continue!


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