Professional Development

In a couple of weekends, 24th and 25th April to be exact, my school is hosting an in-house PYP workshop, based on the Module 2A Making the PYP happen.

As coordinator, I arranged this workshop and have decided on the following points:

+ How to deconstruct a unit planner: How to use the IBO planner to effectively plan a unit of inquiry, considering concepts, skills, attributes and knowledge.

+ How to plan a unit of inquiry: In more detail – What does the concept say about the unit? How can the central idea lead us on? Etc. etc.

+ How to plan collaboratively: As a team, how can we plan, and evaluate our work effectively.

Very excited about this opportunity to do this workshop in-house, as we are a small school and do not have any horizontal planning!


In July then I will be going to Zürich, Switzerland, to attend PYP Module 2H, Pedagogical leadership in the PYP. This workshop will be very demanding, no doubt, but it will be a good opportunity to develop as a good coordinator.


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